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필립 (Philip, Beginner)
마리나 (Marina, Advanced)
클레어 (Claire, Beginner)
이비 (Ivanka, Beginner)
이미 (Aimi, Intermediate)
미셸 (Michelle, Beginner)
다니야 (Daniya, Intermediate)



안녕하세요! I’ve been having lessons with 진씨 for a few weeks now and I’m so glad I picked him as my tutor. He’s patient, informative and down to earth! He ensures that you feel comfortable and that you are finding each lesson effective and will adjust lessons if needed. He’s had great and relatable experiences that makes you feel as if you are learning Korean in a professional setting but also with a really good friend. Which is vital in such a complex language. The homework assignments are very helpful and he makes sure you understand before moving ahead. Best tutor I’ve had, you won’t regret choosing him!

What To Expect

Detailed Curriculums:

  • Korean Alphabet(Hangul)

  • How to introduce yourself

  • Verb Endings: Past/Present/Future tenses (with different politeness levels)

  • Honorific Speech: Understanding how to use honorific language appropriately

  • Sentence Connectives: Exploring the different connectives 그리고, 그래서, 그래도, etc.

  • Particle Usage: Mastering the usage of particles, such as 이/가, 을/를, 에/에서

  • Sentence-ending Particles: Understanding the usage and nuances of sentence-ending particles like -네요 (softening the tone), -거든요 (giving a reason), -지요 (seeking confirmation), or -지만 (contrasting information).

Pronunciation Coaching

Day-to-day Useful Phrases & Common Expressions

Instant feedback via KakaoTalk

​진쌤 (Jin Ssaem)


Korean Native Speaker

Taught absolute beginner to advanced

Taught +200 students with +1,000 lessons

Korean Translator in a multimedia industry

Experienced living abroad

Specialised in speaking-based language

A Korean language expert based in Seoul, South Korea, teaching non-native speakers online since 2020.
I utilise many ways of learning Korean using a variety of lesson 
resources whilst maintaining direct contact via Kakao. I'm genuinely passionate about exchanging culture and introducing every aspect of Korea to people. As well as that, I absolutely love meeting people from all over the world. I lived in England for 2 years in the past and
I have
experience of working with many people from different countries. Hence, I'm able to fully communicate with you in English as well. With these experiences, I have a lot of stories to tell. So, you won't have to worry about what you might have to say during the class. Let's have fun! 



1:1 trial lesson

50 minutes



1:1 lesson package

50 minutes​

$320(USD, x8 lessons)

$540(USD, x14 lessons)

Online Workshop

Group lesson

50 minutes


Every Tuesday 11am(KST)

Every Thursday 11am(KST)

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